Collaborative exhibition with Sarah Bayliss, María Angélica Madero, Ninna Bohn Pedersen and Belén Zahera at Space in Between in London

04/12/15 - 16/01/16

Preview: 03/12/15, 6 - 9pm

(play)ground-less takes as its starting point a manifesto which outlines a series of theoretical and practical signposts or parameters, providing a structure within which the artists have begun to explore a collaborative practice. Working from different countries and following the idea of play an ongoing series of tactics are generated in order to continually negotiate the terms of the project. Tactics applied as interventions to trigger modes of doing, thinking, relating and acting upon without ever solving a problem or achieving a goal. Instead allowing new methodologies and languages to take hold within the production of art works.

In an attempt to reverse the logic of a group show, where works are chosen or produced in order to respond to a previously set idea or topic, (play)ground-less is conceived as an arena to create the material conditions for knowledge to happen. With a focus on the tension between practice and theory, this exhibition will bring together individual contributions that function as footnotes into a larger collective state of mind.

(play)ground-less will bring together new sculptural, video and text-based works, appropriated within the larger framework and moderated within the collective. The research will be comprised into a publication that sheds light on the processes, exchanges and conversations that give form to the project and the works in the exhibition.

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with Sarah Bayliss, Maria Angelica Madero, Belen Zahera at Space in Between Gallery, London, UK in december 2015